Incentive - Annual Gala of the Alliance Association at
U3 Tunnel Berlin - June 2011

Our services:

choreography and entertainment
salsa show and workshop
with 4 couples

On behalf of Berlin full service agency


Summer Company Festival Berlin - July 2008

Our services:

Show design and realisation

Booking of dancers


Collection presentations at
Kosmos Berlin - February 2008 and 2009

Fashion night at Kosmos Berlin
- July 2008

Our services:

Full production and realisation of presentations
(February 2008 and 2009)

Technical support

Booking of dancers, models and artists

Constantin Film

Cinema production of "Pandorum" and "Die Superbullen" - September 2008 and August 2009

Our services:

Mediation and support of action actors for the science fiction thriller "Pandorum" with Dennis Quaid, directed by Christian Alvert

Creation of a show dance scene for the film "Die Superbullen" with Tom Gerhardt, directed by Gernot Roll

Booking of actors and dancers


Hair and fashion show at Kosmos Berlin - September 2009

Hair presentation for Schwarzkopf and Cutman at Kosmos - September 2010

Hair presentation at the Top Hair Fair in Düsseldorf - March 2010

Our services:

Full production and realisation of hair show
(September 2009 and 2010)

Stage management, lighting, effects and backstage coordination

Booking of models, dancers and artists

Creation of music and choreography

Technical support


Dodge launch Europe - June 2008

Our services:

Show production for the presentation of the new Dodge

Artistic accompaniment of the evening programme for the French delegation

Booking of dancers


Dräger presentation at the Interschutz in Leipzig - June 2010

Our services:

Development of the "Beat of Life" show with the Inflame (Here To Now) agency

Complete show production and realisation

Booking of dancers
(Samuel's Crew)

On-site support, stage,
technical and lighting coordination


Youth CELEBRATION April-June 2006, 2007 and 2010-2014

Our services:

Creation of all street and
breakdance show parts

Booking of dancers

Jet lag

Fashion presentation in the Rotes Rathaus - June 2006

Market expansion in Mallorca - June 2008

Our services:

Choreography and booking of dancers

Machts Hair

Fashion and hair presentations 2006-2008

Our services:

Choreography design and booking of dancers

Märchentage e.V.

Märchentage e.V. worldwide (Europe's biggest fairytale association)

Our services:

Booking of dancers and choreography (in the dance area) for the opening events

November 2006 for the play "Sissi and Dracula"

November 2007 under the sign of Astrid Lindgren Scandinavian Embassy

November 2007 Award of the Golden Pea in the Rotes Rathaus

May 2008 European fairy tales at the English Theatre Frankfurt for the European Central Bank

June 2009 European Fairytale days at the Federal Garden Show

September 2011 Show and dance production of the Anderson exhibition in Höxter at Cruvey Castle

November 2012 Award of the Golden Pea at the ZDF studios, Berlin

Mc Kinsey

Christmas Party Mc Kinsey Berlin - December 2009

Christmas show Mc Kinsey Hamburg - December 2010

Incentive McKinsey in Bergisch Gladbach - December 2011

Our services:

Production of shows

Booking of dancers
(Samuel's Crew)

Northern by Nature

Largest hip-hop dance tournament in northern Germany - April 2009

Our services:

Full production of entire event

Booking, progress and realisation

NDR summer tour

Summer tour with Mike And The Mechanics, Andreas Bourani, DJ Ötzi, Adel Tawil, Frida Gold and many more. - June to September 2013 and 2014

Hit parade at the Federal Garden Show in Schwerin - June 2009

Hit parade at Resort Linstow - April 2010

Our services:

Development of dance show parts and choreography

On behalf of full production agency Pehnert & Hoffmann

Product presentation for Nokia 5230 - October 2009

Our services:

Development of the Nokia Dance Show

Booking of dancers


Incentive - kick-off - February 2010

Our services:

Show performance, workshop and flash mob

Creation and realisation of choreography

Booking of dancers

German Opera

German Opera - December 2005

Waldbühne - July 2007 and August 2014

Our services:

Mediation and coaching of actors and choreographers
for "Faust" and "The Magic Flute"

Players Delight

Players Delight (from 2000 to New Year's Eve 2010, Berlin's largest party organiser, events for between 1,000-8,000 guests)

Our services:

Booking of artists for all events

Creation and realisation of dance performances

Stage and light direction for creative acts and dance performances in locations such as the Velodrom, Max-Schmeling-Halle, SEZ-Berlin, Adagio, Dynamo Hall, Admiralspalast and many more.

Deutsche Post

Year-end general meeting in the NH Hotel Munich - December 2007

Our services:

Booking of dancers and creation of show



Presentation of summer collection in Herzogenaurach - January 2005 and 2006

Our services:

Show and choreography for the presentations

Booking of models and dancers

Recycling Berlin

Year-end event at the Palais in December 2016

Our services:

Communication and creation of desired shows, including media support

Russian Standard

Show performance - February 2010

Our services:

Choreography and booking of dancers

Samuel's Dance Hall

Berlin's biggest dance school for urban dance styles

Our services:

Production and organisation of 2008/09 marketing tour in the Berlin area

Planning, organisation and implementation of all dance school galas in the Berlin area since 2005, with 150 artists and participants and 500-1,000 guests in locations such as Fontanehaus, Strandbad Weissensee, FEZ Marzahn, Kosmos Berlin, Russian House, ATZE Music Theater, Britzer Garden and many more.


Incentive - annual kick-off in Berlin (Estrell Berlin) and Nuremberg (Congresscenter) - October 2009

Our services:

Flash mob and show performance

Booking of dancers


Presentation of launch of four-door car - April 2004

Our services:

Presentation and realisation of show

Booking of dancers and Cosmic Artists


Correspondence with Suzuki and Autohaus Meklenborg - June, July and September 2010


Cooperation agreement between Samuel's Dance Hall, Suzuki and the Meklenborg dealership

Cooperation partner and live support of Summer Open Air realised by Samuels Entertainment

Show act of Samuel's Crew at the opening of the Fuhrmann dealership (September 2010)

Who got skillz

LA Rocks Europe Tour Berlin - July 2008

Our services:

Full service organisation of the tour stop in Berlin


Tour of Germany in 16 Würth branches - September 2007 and August 2008

Our services:

Tour organisation for Happy Days for the European Football Championship and the Western Days

Choreography and show production

Booking of dancers

Autohaus Koch

Car presentation of Autoemotion Koch in Berlin-Köpenick - September 2012

Our services:

Show creation and booking of dancers


Street Guerilla event - March 2013

Our services:

Show production and booking of artists

Elisabeth Jesse - Deutsche Lufthansa AG - Marketing Manager Frankfurt and Berlin:

"A big compliment and thank you to you and the crew. A fabulous performance with happy customers and a very strong presence. Thank you for your commitment, despite the snow and rain."


Summer tour with Alphaville, Roland Kaiser, Puhdys and many more. - June to August 2012 and 2013

Our services:


Booking of dancers


Federal decision of the reading contest at the RBB television studios - June 2013

Our services:

Creation of the dance show acts

Booking of dancers

Boulevard Berlin

Hippie Sunday shopping - January 2013

Our services:

All-day entertainment programme for visitors to the shopping centre

Show development and realisation

Booking of dancers

Bayer Pharma AG

Summer party of Bayer Pharma AG at the Kulturbrauerei Berlin - August 2013

On behalf of Kochbox Event GmbH

Our services:

Development, production and implementation of the entertainment and show programme under the motto "Circus Of Rock" for the workforce of Bayer Pharma AG

Coordination of stage and lighting technology

Booking of various artists - including dancers, musicians, acrobats and actors

Pehnert & Hoffmann

"Nola Note on a Musical World Tour" children's dance show at the Kulturbühne Wandlitz - December 2013

Our services:

Production of choreographies

Dance performances by Samuel's Crew


Medtronic conference at the Westin Hotel Leipzig - January 2014

Our services:

Entertainment show programme with involvement of conference participants in the form of a flash mob

On behalf of Here To Now agency

German Welding Association (DVS)

DVS congress at the Hotel Pullman Schweizer Hof Berlin - September 2014

Our services:

Variety show and entertainment programme with the participation of congress participants

Coordination of lighting and sound technology